• HP Chromebook x360 4th Generation

    • Education Edition

    • Touchscreen

    • Webcam

    • Accidental Damage Protection

    • HP x360 Rugged Snap-On Case


    The students' parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for any intentional damage to the Chromebook or damage due to gross negligence.



    Chromebook Image Source: infocase.com


    ⚡Case It

    Your Chromebook will come with a HP x360 Rugged Snap-On Case. Always keep your protective case on your Chromebook to help prevent damage.


    ⚡No Eating or Drinking

    Keep all food and drink away from the Chromebook.


    ⚡Swipe and Sweep

    Clear the keyboard BEFORE closing the Chromebook. Items left on the keyboard may cause damage to the screen when it is closed.


    ⚡Charge it Up

    Shut down & charge up the Chromebook nightly. Arrive to school with a fully charged Chromebook.



    Illustration: Low Battery Vectors by Vecteezy