I was born in Hyderabad, India, and spent a major part of my life on a farm. I majored in Biology and chose to continue my education by getting a masters in Child Psychology and  then Early Childhood Education.  Education and the process of learning have always amazed me. This inspires me to be a life-long learner. I finished my second Master’s Degree, in Curriculum and Education, and graduated in May 2018 from University of Saint Thomas in Houston. 

    I have an extensive background in the Montessori Method of Education as a teacher and an administrator. I have studied the Everyday Math program by the University of Chicago and also studied Singapore Math Method from the HCC.

    When not at school, I spend time with my family. I love to garden and swim. I enjoy horseriding and drawing too. I visited the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in 2018. I am amazed by the wonders of Yellowstone National Park , and the Grand Canyon made me realize how miniscule I am , yet can leave a lasting impact!!

    The pandemic forced me to come out of my comfort zone and adapt to technology. It taught me that learning, progress, and adapting never stops.

    You will get to know me more through your child……….