Westside Dance


    The Westside Dance Program offers students a wide variety of dance styles and techniques.  Students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to study dance as part of their academic program fulfilling fine art, physical education, or elective credit.  Courses are structured from TEA dance curriculum guidelines.

    Westside offers three levels of dance including Introduction to Dance, Intermediate Dance, and Advanced Dance.  Students are also provided performance opportunities through Inertia Dance Company and The Westside Pride Dance Team.  The first three levels are technique-based focusing on various disciplines (including modern dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre, and contemporary), dance history, choreography and performance.  Both written and practical assessments are administered throughout the year.

    Westside Dance requires an audition process for all upper level dance classes Inertia Dance Company, and Pride Dance Team.  Auditions are generally held in March and April for the following school year.  Inertia Dance Company and Pride Dance Team are performance-based, and also meet as a class during the school day.  Both organizations require after school rehearsals and performances throughout the entire school year.



    INTRODUCTION TO DANCE:  This is for students who have not had previous dance training or for those who are working at a beginning level of skill and technique.  There are no pre-requisites for this class, and can fulfill fine art or general elective credit.  This is a one-year course, and students receive 1 credit for the year.  Students in Intro to Dance will focus on learning dance terminology, history, and techniques.  Appropriate attire is required for all activity days. In addition to technique and performance; students enrolled in Intro to Dance are expected to attend dance and/or theatrical performances each semester.  Performances can either be local or within the Houston Arts Community.

    ADVANCED DANCE: This is for students with at least 3 years of dance training.  This class is considered a pre-professional class for students who have an interest in dance work on the college or professional level.  Advanced dance will offer performance opportunities and training in a variety of dance styles as well as methods instruction in composition, choreography, production, dance history, photography, and multimedia dance experiences.  This class is for juniors and seniors only.

    BREAK DANCE (BEGINNING & ADVANCED): This class employs all the elements of street and break dance and includes floor rock, up rock, power elements, popping, locking, house, head spins, and freezes.  B boys (& the occasional B girl) work daily on combinations and individual skills.  



    Amberly Daniels:  Inertia, Inertia 2, break dance, and intro to dance 


    Jena Emert:  Dance Department Chair, Pride, Intermediate dance and advanced dance



    Pride’s website: www.whspridedanceteam.com

    Inertia's website: Inertia Dance Company