Westside High School opened its doors in 2000 with 1,500 students in 9th through 12th grades.  The first graduating class had just under 200 graduates.  Since then, Westside has grown in numbers with a student population around 3,000 students.   
    We invite all of our alumni to return and celebrate our Wolves Pride during Homecoming Week.  Please check the calendar for all the activities.



    Westside High School does not organize nor coordinate class reunions.  This is usually done by past class officers.  The current trends are through social media, but there are also websites that specifically categorize groups of people based on the schools and years people graduated.

    If you would like to donate goods, services, or your time, please contact the main office and ask to speak with the associate principal.  HISD requires people to go through a screening process to officially become a VIP (Volunteer in Public Schools.)