• Student and Organization Awards

    • November 2012 - Tam Ngo was a finalist in the HISD Holiday Greeting Card Competition.

    Tam Ngo's Christmas Card Drawing

    • 2013 National Merit Scholarship Competition Semifinalists

    Ahmed, Shannon
    Bilal, Mohammad
    Khanna, Anchit
    Lee, Jeremiah
    Meremikwu, Nathalie
    Patanam, Tariq
    Pham, Tiffany
    Rath, Smruti
    Thompson, Kristen
    Yu, Serene

    • 2013 National Achievement Scholarship Competition Semifinalists

    Adenekan, Rachel
    DeSilva Bradley, Anusha
    Lizzappi, Malcolm
    Meremikwu, Nathalie
    Turner, Acara

    • National Hispanic Recognition Program 2012-2013 Award Recipients

    Bocanegra, Carlos
    Gomez, Andrea
    Hernandez, Jennifer
    Ibarra, Nancy
    Kraus, Jacob
    Lopez, Melani
    Padilla, Elizabeth
    Ponce, Brian
    Rovira, Linda
    Simonds, Michael
    Smith, Dylan

    • October 2012 - Debate and Forensics Team competed in the Kingwood High School Debate Tournament. The team won 1st place in Debate and 2nd place in Overall Sweepstakes.
      • Varsity Level

        Mrinal Sharma - Quarterfinalist - Championship LD
        Xena Nam/Eleanor Gilbert - Octofinalist - Public Forum
        Poornima Tamma/Alyssa Arceo - Octofinalist - Public Forum
        Xena Nam - Finalist - Original Oratory
        Poornima Tamma - Semifinalist - Original Oratory
        Xena Nam - 2nd Place - International Extemporaneous Speech
        Poornima Tamma - Semifinalist - International Extemporaneous Speech
        Ahmed Abdelhamid - 3rd Place - Domestic Extemp
        Eleanor Gilbert  - 6th Place - Prose
        Poornima Tamma - Semifinalist - Poetry
      • Novice Level

        Pavan Pinnamaneni- 2nd Place - Novice LD
        Praneeth Kamp- Octofinalist - Novice LD
        Nathalie Meremikwu - Best Speaker - Novice LD
        Nicole Ikefuma/Samira Traore - 2nd Place - Novice PF
        Benaias Esayeas/Zubin Colah - Quarterfinalist - Novice PF
        Omid Abaei - Top Speaker - Novice PF
        Nicole Ikefuma - 2nd Place - Novice Extemp
        Samira Traore - Semifinalist - Novice Extemp
        Benaias Esayeas - Semifinalist - Novice Extemp
        Zubin Colah - Semifinalist - Novice Extemp
        Nathalie Meremikwu - Semifinalist - Novice Extemp
        Mrinal Sharma - Semifinalist - Novice Poetry
    • September 2012 - Debate and Forensics Team competed in the "Honorable Marvin P. Isgur Tournament" hosted by the Houston Urban Debate League in September. Students had to overcome the challenge of debating three different formats including, World Schools, Public Forum, and Policy Debate. DeBakey entered 3 teams, two in Varsity and one in JV. There were a total of 179 teams competing; 50 in Varsity, 19 in JV, and the rest in Novice, of which we had none. The results:
      • Varsity

        Poornima Tamma and Xena Nam - 2nd Place Finalist
        Ahmed Abdelhamid and Alyssa Arceo - Semi-finalist
      • Junior Varsity
        Ravi Tummala and Omid Abaei  - 1st place Champions 
    • May 2012 - Anchit Khanna, a student at DeBakey HSHP, was selected from approximately 80 teams as the winner of the 2012 BTB High School Design Competition. Read more...
    • Anchit Khanna
    • April 2012 - HOSA (Health Occupation Student of America)
    • Area Competition - 127 Total Winners