Milby Athletic Staff:
     Matthew Puente              Head
     Martin Puente                   Assistant
     Jesse Longoria               Assistant
     Ray Ramirez                    Assistant
    Oscar Garcia                      Assistant
    Jorge Castillo                       Assistant
    Jerron Myers                     Assistant
    Terrence Gray                    Assistant
                    Rachel Mackey                Head
                    Cheetara Young                Assistant
                    Tajuana Stewart                Assistant
    Basketball Boys  
                    Sam Hines                         Head
                    Jerron Myers                      Assistant
    Basketball Girls                               
                    Tajuana Stewart              Head
                    Cato Davis                           Assistant
                    Cheetara Young  Assistant
    Track Boys  
                    Floyd Mayne                   Head
                    Oscar Garcia                     Assistant
    Track Girls  
                    Jerron Myers                    Head
                    Jorie Williams                   Assistant
    Cross Country Boys and Girls                       
                    Floyd Mayne                      Head
                    Jorie Williams  Assistant
    Wrestling Boys and Girls  
                    Martin Puente                  Head
                    Michael Redman Assistant
    Soccer Boys  
                    Pablo Banda                       Head
    Soccer Girls  
                    Adrian Anguiano              Head
                    Jaemy Velasquez                   Assistant
    Swimming Boys and Girls  
                    Linda Laur                            Head
    Tennis Boys and Girls  
                    Sam Hines                           Head
                    Carlos Morales                   Head
                    Jesse Longoria                    Assistant
                    Ray Ramirez                        Assistant
                    Jesus Suarez                      Head
                    Brittney Morrison             Assistant
                    John Magalhaes Assistant
                    Murray                     Band Director
                    Valkieth Winters  
                    Candiss Drexler                  
                    Donielle Gonzalez