Milby STEM Institute (MSI) Magnet Program

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  • Milby’s STEM Institute (MSI) Magnet Program hosts a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math career programs. Strands are coupled with a rigorous academic curriculum designed to prepare students for college and career opportunities. Enhanced with real–world learning experiences, students will be able to participate in job shadowing, industry forums, externships, fieldtrips, and earn entry–level industry certifications. The successful student will be enabled to meet the challenges of a 21st Century Global Economy upon graduation.

  • MSI STEM Strands


    Applied Science Health Professions Strand

    • 9th Grade – Principles of Health Science 
    • 10thGrade – Health Science
    • 11th Grade – Anatomy & Physiology or Advanced Biotechnology 
    • 12thGrade – World Health Research or Practicum in Health Science


    Computing Science Strand

    • 9th Grade – Concepts of Engineering & Technology 
    • 10thGrade – Robotics 
    • 11thGrade – Principles of Technology 
    • 12thGrade – Engineering Mathematics


    Petroleum Exploration & Engineering Strand

    • 9th Grade – Environmental Systems 
    • 10thGrade – Concepts of Engineering 
    • 11thGrade – Engineering Design & Presentation 
    • 12thGrade – Engineering Design & Problem Solving


    Aerospace and Petroleum Engineering

    • Principles of Applied Engineering
    • Engineering Design and Presentation I

    (In Aerospace or Petroleum)

    • Engineering Design and Presentation II
    • Engineering Design and Problem Solving
    • Practicum in STEM (Field experience in engineering that connects with science, technology and math) 
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  • The courses above represent the typical MSI courses for each of the three STEM strands. Students may individualize their choices with Advanced Placement, Dual-Credit Courses through our partnership with Houston Community College (HCC), or elective courses where appropriate.