• T.H. Rogers

    Dr. John Cox


    Parent Conference Times: Tuesday through Friday:  7:50-8:30 am                                       

    Course Synopsis for Sixth-Grade Vanguard Science




    Sixth-grade Vanguard Science will cover and enrich the sixth-grade HISD Objectives.  The following topics will be covered:  Laboratory Safety; Metric Measurement; Scientific Method; Introduction to Science and Matter; Force and Motion; Energy; Planet Earth; Solar System; Structure and Function in Living Systems; Interdependence of Living Systems; and Ecosystems.  The course material will be presented using short lectures, reading and discussion, demonstrations, activities, worksheets, and projects. 



    A sixth-grade Science Textbook will be issued to each student . It will be kept at home and is the student's permanent property.  Students are expected to come to class on time, and to bring their green science binders and daily planner. Also required are pens with black or blue ink and number 2 pencils. I do not assign extra credit.




    Be on time for class.

    Raise your hand to speak.

    Always observe laboratory safety rules.

    No water bottles in class.

    Comply with the school honest policy.


    The Grading System for Sixth-Grade Science Will Follow HISD Policy:


                Exams                                                 30%

    Quizzes                                               15%

                Daily Work*                                       25%

    Homework                                          10%
                Projects/Evaluations                           20%                                                       


    Consistent with the policy of T.H. Rogers, assignments turned in one day late will receive 70% of the earned grade.  Assignments turned in two days late will receive 50%.


    * Daily work includes activities, worksheets, and other class work.  Assignments initiated in class and completed at home will be recorded as daily