• My name is Mrs. Johnican and I have been a teacher for 20 + years. I love what I do and love to see the best that every child has to offer.  Ms. McMillan and Mrs. Velasquez are the other team members that make up the professional team in our class. We have many plans this school year to help your child meet, achieve, and maintain his/her skills needed to meet their full potential. Some of the activities planned and materials used will require the use of various forms of assistive technology devices (i.e. IPAD, switch devices, voice-pals, smart talk, U.D.L, “Go Talk Devices, “Big Mac” and other adaptive equipment.). We will continue using “Unique Learning Systems," which is our curriculum. We look forward to making this a great year and we encourage your support.  We know success happens when we all work together as a team (teachers, assistants, students, and parents). Thank you in advance for all your support of your child and for us as professionals.




    Mrs. Johnican

    Ms. McMillan
    Mrs. Velasquez