Vanguard Reading 6 Syllabus

     Teacher:  Melanie Porterie
    Course: Reading VG 6
    Room: 218
    Email:  mporteri@houstonisd.org

    Course Description

    Welcome to Reading Vanguard Grade 6!  The purpose of this course is to further develop your reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and critical thinking skills necessary for your academic success.  During this school year, we will focus on the following skills below and also explore a plethora of reading genres to enhance our learning.

    Reading Selections

    • Selected short stories and poems from my perspectives ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS; Pearson Education, Inc.
    • Novels (The Boys' War; The Giver; Lightning Thief Series & The Heroes of Olympus Series; and The Wizard of Oz)
    • Selected Literacy Circle Novels and Short Stories (Titles will be assigned throughout the year)


    Close Reading Focus

    Imagery           Details                  Diction                  Symbols

    Allusion            Irony                     Allusion                          Point of View

    Analogy Construction     Rhyme                  Rhythm            Figurative Language

    Foreshadowing                 Flashback            Tone                      Mood

    Metaphors          Setting             Types of Conflict

    Grammar Skills
       Sentences (Types)                       Usage                  Composition

    Forming topic sentences              Using facts, quotations, and evidence in writing

    Practicing analysis          Analyzing literature               Timed writings


    On- going  Assignments or Projects

    Independent reading                      Journal Writing         Group Projects      Thinking Routines

    Annotation and highlighting skills              Timed writings              Benchmark tests        AR Projects

    Required Materials
    Students must bring to class DAILY
    • binders with pencil bag containing all necessary supplies for class
    • book(s)
    • composition book as needed
    ** Always check the sign outside of the door for updates and changes to supplies needed for class
    Grading Policy/Procedures
    Your graded will be based on a combination of the following areas:
    • Learning (class learning, home learning, quizzes)
    • Assessments ( tests, projects)
    Late Work/Make-Up Work/Absences
    It is imperative that your work is submitted in a timely manner
    • one day late = deduction of 10% off grade
    • two days late = deduction of 15% off grade
    • three to five days late = deduction of 20% off grade 
    • Please avoid point deductions by turning in your work on time to receive full credit.
    If you are absent, your work must be submitted within five school days. Please be PROACTIVE and communicate with me to make arrangements for turning in your assignments if you know you will be absent from class.
    Quizzes (vocabulary) are administered weekly.  There are NO MAKE-UPS for quizzes.  Test grades below 70% can be made up.  Please make sure you take advantage of make-up tests whenever a test grade falls below 70%.
    Special Projects will be administered throughout the year.  Due dates will be assigned.  Special projects will need to be turned in with a parent signature.
    • Late projects = deduction of points
      • days 1-4 late = 80% (20% Deduction)
    • after day 5 = project will not recieve a grade higher than 50%
     Tutorials/Student Conferences
    • Student conferences will be held on Mondays during class to address any issues or concerns about grades or assignments
    • Wednesdays during lunch will be reserved for tutorials for students by invitation only
      • Please bring your lunch, your work, and also be seated in class by the ringing of the tardy bell to ensure a sufficient amount of time is utilized during tutorials.