Vanguard Features

  • Hamilton MS Vanguard/Magnet Students reflect these characteristics:
    • Gifted and talented
    • Academically-oriented
    • Above-average knowledge of basic skills
    • Ability to concentrate and work independently or cooperatively
    • Demonstrates unique or unusual creative approaches
    • Needs or is comfortable in accelerated class environment
    • Displays leadership
    Hamilton MS Vanguard/Magnet follows these guidelines:

    The Texas Performance Standards Project, TPSP, to deliver instruction on research and the research process.  All Vanguard/Magnet students learn what excellent research is, an essential skill necessary for higher education.

    Sixth Grade:

    • Personal Interest survey
    • Introduction to research basics
    • Use of latest technological resources
    • Public speaking and presentation
    • Cornell Notes and organization techniques and skills
    • Whole class and large group for team research
    • Research analysis
    • Classroom to world connections

    Seventh Grade:

    • Skills learned in sixth grade are sharpened
    • Research analysis is at a higher level and includes more scientific and mathematical data
    • Students work in smaller groups or in pairs to conduct research
    • Students begin to think about the larger, individual project they will conduct in their 8th grade year

    Eighth Grade:

    • Eighth grade students work more independently along with a mentor in their field of study.
    • Major goal is to reach a level 3 product by changing the world in some manner through their research
    • All 8th grade Vanguard students present their research to their classmates and at the Hamilton Research Academy TPSP Expo held at the end of the year.

    FLEX Period:


    Hamilton's FLEX period offers students the opportunity to sharpen learned skills and ignite a passion for something new and exciting.  Students who excel rotate through a series of grade-level determined learning experiences every six weeks. Those who may be struggling in a specific area are assigned to a specific course intervention until mastery is attained.


    The faculty at Hamilton MS is an enthusiastic and nurturing group of teaching professionals with a range of skills and experience.