Welcome to Hamilton Middle School!

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    Welcome to Hamilton Middle School!

    Hamilton's excellent scorecard in academics and low disciplinary actions is outstanding.  HISD's Website allows you to compare up to four schools.  Click on the link, select Hamilton MS and up to 3 schools for a school comparison:  HISD Find a School and Compare

    At Hamilton MS, we place high importance on the opinions and feedback from students, parents, community members, faculty and staff.

    A Survey of 100 Hamilton Students indicates that Hamilton students take great pride in our school as the Best Middle School in the Heights!

    “Top 10 Reasons from Our Students Why Hamilton MS is the Best in the Heights!”

    1.  We have Great Teachers!

    2.  We get a meaningful education that makes us smart and also learn about life

    3.  We get prepared for high school and college

    4.  We have great electives and sports

    5.  We have fun at Hamilton!!! 

    6.  We have talented sports teams and we WIN! 

    7.  We feel very safe at Hamilton because we practice:  ”No Place for Hate” and “No Tolerance for Bullies" 

    8.  Our family and friends are welcomed

    9.  We love the location of our school in an exciting neighborhood

    10.  We all enjoy Gifted and Talented Programs