• HISD School Guidelines, 2014-2015

    Advanced Academics



     All HISD secondary teachers responsible for Vanguard programs and/or G/T students are required to complete the initial 30 hours of G/T professional development within their first semester after assignment as mandated by state law and the HISD Advanced Academics Guidelines.

    This initial professional development includes 6 hours of “Nature and Needs of G/T Students,” 6 hours of “Assessment and Identification of G/T Students,” and 18 hours of “Curriculum and Instruction for G/T Students.”


    An additional HISD requirement is that all G/T teachers, K-12, receive training in the district’s G/T Curriculum Framework. Scholars & Knowledge has been embedded in HISD PD training since the fall of 2005. Teachers receiving initial 30 hours training prior to Fall, 2005 must complete 6-hours of the revised Scholars & Knowledge.


    In order for courses to be labeled Pre-AP/IBMYP/AP/IB, and Montessori, the teachers must have completed Pre-AP/IBMYP/AP/IB core training in the content area they are to teach.


    All PreAP/AP teachers are required to take 18 hrs of content specific training through attending Rice Summer Institute, NMSI/LTF, or SpringBoard and 12 hrs. of G/T specific training.