Beyond The Classroom

  • At Hamilton MS, learning is designed for "beyond the classroom."  Hamilton has demonstrated and is respected for its dedication to providing students experiences outside the classroom to develop and nurture a community viewpoint. 

    Learning is all about the experiences in which we are involved."Beyond the Classroom" Initiatives at Hamilton MS:
    • Hamilton Family Nights for Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts
    • Hamilton Family Movie Nights "Under the Stars" at Hamilton's Outdoor Theater
    • Spring Thing
    • Spring and Winter Program Showcasing Hamilton Fine Arts, Clubs, and Organizations
    • Eighth Grade Magnet High School Application Inservice
    • Civic Engagement with local Senior residences and Rice University's "Coalition on Hunger & Homelessness"; March of Dimes
    • Outreach to regional Elementary Schools (volunteering at their school events)
    • TPSP Expo
    • Career Day
    • Magnet High School Tour
    Hamilton MS Vanguard/Magnet Students are exposed to a variety of affiliations to supplement their classroom experience
     Past & Present Affiliations:

    ·        Academic Competition

    ·        Advanced Visual Arts

    ·        American Legion Award

    ·        Daughters of the American Revolution Award

    ·        Duke University Talent Search

    ·        Future Problem Solving

    ·        Foreign Language Competition

    ·        Geography Bee

    ·        Habitats for Hamilton

    ·        International Field Trips

    ·        Veterans of Foreign Wars Award

    ·        Math Counts

    ·        Math Olympiad

    ·        National Junior Honor Society

    ·        Odyssey of the Mind

    ·        PEER Leadership

    ·        Scientific Research & Field Studies

    ·        State History Fair

    ·        Spelling Bee

    ·        Stage Design & Lighting
    ·        TPSP Expo

    ·        UIL competitions