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    Hamilton Huskies  
    Go Hamilton Huskies!

    Athletics at Hamilton are fun, build character and team spirit, and provide a life lesson in how to perform competitively.  Hamilton coaches are dedicated to develop all students natural athletic talents.

    Hamilton Huskies have a great history of championship wins because of the talents of our students and our excellent coaching staff.  

     HISD District Championships 2018 - 2019:



    7th Grade Boys                             3rd Place in Divison

    8th Grade Boys                              4th Place in Division

    7th Grade Girls                              1st Place in Division

    8th Grade Girls                              3rd Place in Division

    Cross Country

    7th Grade Boys                             1st place in Division

     8th Grade Boys                             4th Place in Division

    7th & 8th Grade Girls                      3rd Place in Division


    8th Grade Boys                             4th Place in Division


    7th & 8th Grade Boys                   TBD

    7th & 8th Grade Girls                   TBD


    7th & 8th Grade Girls                   3rd


    8th Grade Boys                              4TH Place in Division


    7th Grade Girls                              2nd Place in Division

    8th Grade Girls                              2nd Place in Division 
    Baseball                                      3rd Place in Division
    Swimming                                    3rd Place in Division

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Ms. Jayna Hawkins



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jayna Hawkins

Hamilton Middle School Athletic Coordinator