• Hamilton Middle School

    Registration Requirements


    1.      Proof of Address: Parents will need to provide a current proof of address (i. e. utility bill, lease agreement, etc.) listed with either father or mother’s name. If student is living with someone other than their parents, they must go to 4410 W. 18th St., Houston, TX 77092 Pupil Transfer Department for waiver

    of tuition form.


    2.      End of the Year Report Card: Must show promotion status. During the school year, parents must provide a current report card.


    3.      Shot Records


    4.      Birth Certificate


    5.      Social Security  Card (if available)


    6.      Stanford/STAAR Test Results (if available)


    7.      ARD Papers: If student is in the special education program.


    8.      Parent Photo I.D. Required


    9.      Withdrawal Form From Sending School: Only necessary if parent is enrolling student after the first week of school.


    ** All Affidavits of Residence should be processed on a provisional basis. Questionable Affidavit of Residence should be referred to the district office (i.e. superintendent or attendance specialist) for verification of address.

    **Affidavit of Residence is denied only after verification of address proves that parent or guardian does not live where indicated on application.