Seventh Grade Team

Seventh Grade Core Content Team

Seventh Grade Elective Team

Welcome to Seventh Grade

  • Homework Calendar

    *Your student will need to be logged in to their HISD account to access the Homework Calendar.


    Student Expectations

    1. Stay organized. Your first source is always your planner. Use the homework calendar as a supplemental tool.

    2. Be prepared. Be aware of deadlines and plan your time accordingly.

    3. Self-advocate. Your teachers want to help and support you--schedule a time to conference in-person or email your teachers to discuss questions or concerns.

    4. Do your best and exceed expectations



    Each student is encouraged to talk to their teachers about any questions, concerns, absences, make-up tests, etc. Students may meet with the teacher in-person or email. Students are also required to use their planner as an organizational tool and the homework calendar as a way to communicate assignments and important due dates with their parents. Study Hall and B9 will also be important school time to continue important study skills, teacher communication, and organization.

    The 7th Grade team’s goal is to give students ownership of their learning and success.