• In Dance class, Roberts students learn various dance styles that progress throughout each grade level. Students are given the opportunity to explore their own movement style through improvisation, which will be a vital tool when students begin to choreograph their own dances. Students learn to work individually, in pairs, and small groups. Short pieces are choreographed with technique learned in class, and after continued practice and adjustments the pieces are performed in front of their classmates. This allows the students to be comfortable as a performer and to understand the proper etiquette of an audience.


    With different dance styles, students learn new vocabulary, proper technique, and placement of the body. Students apply all vocabulary and technique to a combination that is learned at the end of each series. Students also learn strength and flexibility exercises to prevent injury. 


    Students also learn stage/production elements associated with dance. They learn about costume design and how costumes are made. Roberts students learn how a stage is lit and basic stage terms used in production. Students apply production skills in costume/set design.


    At the end of the year, students incorporate all they have learned into one series that ties together improvisation, choreography skills, partner work, performance quality, rhythm and memorization skills, and production elements. 

    2018 HISD Elementary Dance Festival
     CLICK HERE to watch the Roberts Dance Company at the 2018 HISD Elementary School Dance Festival.