• All students at Roberts Elementary study singing and listening. They prepare to perform in programs and play classroom instruments using the Orff Schulwerk approach. Students are encouraged to become independent musicians by developing some note reading and rhythm reading skills as well as improvisation and learning parts on Orff instruments (xylophones). Upper grade levels learn the recorder as a transition to an instrument at the middle school level. Rhythm, beat and movement are strongly emphasized and creativity is encouraged. All students in grades 3-5 will participate in a musical stage production, learning the music of the chorus in the music ancillary class. 


    Music at Roberts is taught with the belief that all children can become active listeners and performers and that all can develop an appreciation for all types of music.


    Piano and Violin Lessons

    In addition to the music class that is part of the general curriculum, Roberts students may sign up for piano and violin lessons.  Click here for more information.