About Ms. Brode

    Contact Details 

    Email: julea.brode@houstonisd.org 

    The Basics

    This will be Ms. Brode's 15th year teaching and her 6th year as part of the Rhino team.  She has taught math to seventh graders all the way up to Algebra 2.

    Before Teaching

     Ms. Brode grew up in the Clear Lake area in the south part of Houston.  She graduated from Clear Creek High School and then continued on to the The University of Houston.  She was always a very good student and loved math and science.  Sadly some bad eyesight put off her childhood dream of being a pilot, so she decided to follow her second love: math (and making it easy for others!)  She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and quickly jumped into teaching!




    Her Favorites


    Ms. Brode has a cat and 2 dogs that she loves.  The cat mostly sleeps but the dogs love to chase squirrels at the dog park.  She also loves cooking, running, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.
    Clubs that Ms. Brode Sponsors
    *Treat Animals with Kindness Club (TAWK)
    Ms. Brode