• I have always been fascinated with mathematics and sciences when I was growing up as a child, despite the lack of educational resources in the Philippines.

    In college, I took up B.S. in Zoology (as premed student), and B.S. in Electronics and Communications Engineering (my personal preference). I finished both degrees at the oldest Catholic University in Asia,  University of Santo Tomasestablished in 1611. 

    I got employed in electronics manufacturing (Analog Devices and Zilog) where we built integrated circuits (ICs), mostly DACs, ADCs  and microprocesor. The bonding machines really had me thinking about robotics.

    I then chose to embark upon the invitation of some districts in southern Texas to become a mathematics teacher. And in 2001 I moved to Houston.

    In my almost 2 decades experience at HISD schools, I have taught Geometry, Algebra 2, PreCalculus, Engineering Mathematics, Computer Science (AP/PreAP/IB-SL/IB-HL), Electronics and Robotics. I have also been involved in Vex and FIRST Robotics as teacher liaison or mentor of a group of enthusiastic kids. 

    At Carnegie, I will be teaching Computer Science(AP/PreAP) and Algebra 2.

    Free time for me is going away to scenic spots; taking pictures of the wild flora and fauna, and fly drone to see the whole landscape/area. I love making 3D designs in CAD (Inventor, AutoCAD, and Fusion 360) for various projects like robotic platform, CNC wood design, and useless/useful 3D printed parts. I sometimes read fiction books by Grisham, Follet, Crichton or Ludlum.