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    AP Seminar Syllabus


    AP English III Syllabus




    First Six-Weeks Unit: SYSTEMS


    1. How can an understanding of systems foster a deeper understanding of how humans interact with each other?

    2. How are systems established? What does this process reveal about the nature of our relationships?

    3. Why are certain systems maintained while others are allowed to decay or are destroyed?  What does this process reveal about what drives our humanity?



    DUE: Expect assignments about the readings to begin towards the end of the first week back.

    1. Read the article about systems thinking and jot down some notes about the key terms/ideas in systems thinking.

    2. Watch the two videos. Add to or clarify your notes with examples that come up. 

    3. Read the short story and the poem. 

    4. Apply what you learned about systems thinking from the previous texts and jot down your thoughts on how systems thinking can help us to better understand what is happening in each text.

    TEXT 1: (ARTICLE) Leyla Acarglu,  “Tools for Systems Thinkers”


    FOCUS ON: 

    1. Interconnectedness

    2. Emergence

    3. Feedback Loops

    4. Synthesis


    TEXT 2: (VIDEO) Peter Senge “Introduction to Systems Thinking”


    TEXT 3: (VIDEO) Anje-Margriet Neutel, “Feedback Loops: How Nature Gets Its Rhythms” 


    TEXT 4: (SHORT STORY) Annalee Newitz, “When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis”


    TEXT 5: (POEM) Joy Harjo, “Once the World Was Perfect”