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    Academic Opportunities for Hamilton Vanguard/Magnet Students
    • Vanguard & Pre-AP Courses
    • Current Courses for High School Credit: Algebra I, Biology, Principles of Technology, Spanish, AP Spanish for Native Speakers
    • Speech and Debate Competition
    • UIL Number Sense, Calculator and Mathematics
    • UIL Science
    • UIL Literary Competitions
    • Odyssey of the Mind
    • Name That Book
    • Creative Writing
    • Texas Performance Standards Projects (TPSP)

    Math Core: Mathematical skills are powerful tools for helping students make sense of their rapidly changing world. Mathematical content will include an interwoven focus on the strands of measurement, geometry, functions, number theory, probability, and pre-algebra. The use of technology will be emphasized to solve problems in mathematics and science. Hamilton Vanguard students receive an accelerated curriculum so that they can qualify to take Algebra 1 for high school credit in their eighth grade year. All students are tested at the end of the 7th grade year for algebra readiness. 

    Science Core:  Science instruction will accommodate the natural curiosity and interests of students in the world around them. The core curriculum will include the themes of earth science, physical science,life science, and health.  Active learning, which is laboratory based,will be the central feature of classroom instruction.  The goal of this core will be to encourage students to take a lifelong interest in the world around them, and to develop a practical approach to solving problems in it. Students who show an aptitude for higher level science may take Biology for high school credit in their 8th grade year. 


    Language Arts Core:  Language arts is literature based and meaning centered which will encourage higher level thinking skills. Students will experience a multitude of reading and writing opportunities,integrated with other disciplines. Through the use of core literature, student research projects, and classroom discussion, students will have a chance to recognize that ideas and actions have real consequences.



    Social Studies Core:  Students’ thinking becomes increasingly abstract and multi-dimensional during middle grade years.  They are able to look into the past to gain an understanding of today to become decision makers of tomorrow. Events from ancient civilizations will be studied from multiple perspectives and various ethical issues, analyzed for significance and the change over time, and tied to the present for relevancy as presented in the adopted district framework.


    Fine Arts/Computers:  Students are required to take a semester of Fine Arts (Band, Art, Theater Arts, Dance) and a semester of Computer Power.



    Physical Education/Karate:  Students may choose between Karate or Physical Education. Both classes will focus on group cooperation,positive socialization, fitness development, and basic team skills.