All students must have their Westside ID visible at all times. IDs must be worn on the school-issued lanyard outside one’s clothing. Identification badges are issued at the beginning of the year for no charge, and lanyards can be obtained from any dean’s office.


    If a student does not have his/her official Westside ID, he/she must obtain a temporary one (valid for the day) from a dean’s office; the fee is $1 or the student can serve detention. Students with a temporary ID are not allowed off campus. Students who lose their IDs may purchase replacement badges for $5 in the Attendance Office before school, after school, and during lunch.


    Students who get lunch from the Cafeteria and Vendoland must continue to wear their ID or will be sent to the end of line.


    Off-Campus ID Badges cost $10 cash with appropriate documentation. Students who lose their Off-Campus ID must pay $10 for the replacement badge. There will be no replacements issued for a 2nd loss. 


    Students who deface their ID will be responsible for purchasing a new ID and may face disciplinary consequences. IDs must be able to be scanned at all times. Students are NOT allowed to wear or carry another student’s ID at any time or more than one ID at a time; disciplinary action will result. WHS Student IDs are the property of Houston ISD and must be relinquished upon request of a staff member.


    Students must be in class for every period, every day. No student should be in the hallways or in unauthorized areas without a house hall pass color and an ID. Bathroom breaks should occur between classes. Students will only be allowed to leave in cases of emergency and will be required to show a house hall pass if they are found in the hallway during class periods. Students caught in an unauthorized area will receive a disciplinary consequence. Having a substitute teacher does not warrant any change in the above policies.



    Our staff monitors the halls and common areas in between class periods and during lunch. Staff is on duty outside the building immediately preceding and following the school day. In addition, Westside employs H.I.S.D. Police Officers. If a student has a concern regarding his/her safety, he/she should immediately speak with his/her dean.


    For the safety of our campus, we do not allow vendors to deliver lunch to students. They will not be allowed to enter the campus, and students will not be allowed to exit the building to meet the delivery vehicle.


    As a means to ensure a safe campus at all times, a canine unit is routinely dispersed to secondary schools in HISD, including Westside High School.  The canine unit is trained to detect illegal items such as weapons and illegal substances.  The canine unit will typically search classrooms and parking areas on campus.  The canines are authorized to search parking areas within 300 feet of the campus. There will be no interference from individuals during this process, and in some circumstances, electronic devices will be confiscated to ensure an orderly and safe search by the canine unit. Parents should contact the Westside administrations for questions.