All campus visitors must check in at the Welcome Desk or Main Office, provide proof of identification, and wear a visitor’s badge on the front of their chest. For the safety of our student body, all campus visitors who disrupt and/or fail to comply with these guidelines are subject to a trespassing citation from one of our campus officers.

    Unless an appointment has been prearranged with an administrator or campus personnel,  we do not allow visitors during the lunch hour.   
    Former students visiting the campus must be met in the office by a school administrator.
     Word to the Wise!
    Although we welcome back our former students at WHS when appropriate, eating lunch with friends, etc. in the Commons during lunch is strictly forbidden for safety purposes. 

    Parent-teacher conferences should be set up during the teacher’s conference time, before school, after school, or during a time when the teacher is relieved of classroom responsibilities. Upon check in at the front desk, the teacher will be notified of the parent’s/guardian’s arrival. 


    To maintain the educational environment of the classroom, a classroom visit must be set 48 hours in advance with teacher and administrator approval. A classroom visit is limited to no more than 15 minutes, and the visitor must be accompanied by an administrator. Younger children (siblings, relatives) are not permitted in the classroom.