S. Sakar


    Selma Sakar Grades Taught: 10th 

     Conference Period: B1

    Location: 411

    After school: Wednesday  3:30 pm-4:30 pm 

    Email: Selma.Sakar@houstonisd.org

    Phone: 713-741-2410




School Clubs & Organization:

  • MENA-Middle Eastern North African  Club Sponsor  

About Me


    Hello. My name is Selma Sakar.

    I graduated from Bosphorous University, Faculty of Education-Chemistry in Istanbul in 2000.

    Since then, I have been teaching chemistry at the high school level in international, private, and public schools. 

    I earned my master's degree in Science Curriculum Instruction from the American College of Education in 2016. 

    I joined Debakey high school in 2019 and I feel lucky to work with admins, staff, and students of the Debakey family.

    As a high school science teacher, my main goals are:

    • Help my students to recognize their capacity for learning, by providing a positive learning environment in my classroom.
    • Improving students` reasoning and critical thinking strategies by setting high expectations. 
    • Facilitating my students to own their learning and enjoy their own success.