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  • Welcome to Chavez High School, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional opportunities for both students and parents. We are thrilled to introduce you to our renowned Engineering program, designed to foster student growth and success from 9th grade to graduation.

    Engineering Program: Igniting Innovation and Growth

    In our Engineering program, students embark on a transformative journey, acquiring the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of engineering. We are proud to offer a unique feature that sets our program apart - the creation of a digital portfolio. This portfolio becomes a valuable tool for our students, documenting their achievements, projects, and growth throughout their high school years and beyond.

    Preparing for College and Career Advancement

    We believe in equipping our students for future success. In our Engineering program, students have access to a range of opportunities aimed at preparing them for college and career advancement. They can choose to participate in internship programs, dual-credit courses, and college-prep coursework, ensuring they are well-prepared for the next stage of their educational journey.

    Unleashing Potential Beyond the Classroom

    At Chavez High School, we emphasize the importance of holistic development. We strongly encourage our students to engage in summer programs, extracurricular activities, and to maintain their best digital portfolio for future use. These experiences broaden their horizons, foster personal growth, and provide valuable real-world connections.

    Exciting Programs and Opportunities

    To further enhance their engineering education, we recommend students consider the following programs (though not limited to):

    1. GenesysWorks: This job training program offers a paid internship, providing students with invaluable hands-on experience. Students can apply during their junior year, and a minimum GPA is required.

    2. Robotics Team: Led by the inspiring Ms. SantibanezBravo, our Robotics Team offers an immersive experience in designing, building, and competing with robots. Students develop teamwork, problem-solving, and technical skills.

    3. Rocketry Team: Led by the esteemed Dr. Afroz, our Rocketry Team engages students in exploring the world of engineering through practical, hands-on projects. It offers a platform to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Year 2023 we were 45th Rocketry in the Nation.

    We encourage you to embrace these programs as they provide unique avenues for growth, collaboration, and leadership development.

    Join Chavez High School and Ignite Your Engineering Journey!

    Choosing Chavez High School means joining a vibrant community that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and a passion for engineering. We invite both students and parents to explore our website, attend information sessions, and connect with our dedicated staff to learn more about our Engineering program.

    Together, let's unlock your potential, nurture your passion for engineering, and pave the way for a bright future.