• Environmental Science

  • Course Sequence: By Pathway 

    • Animal Science

      • Principles of Agriculture
      • Livestock Production
      • Veterinary Medical Applications
      • Advanced Animal Science
    • Plant Science

      • Principles of Agriculture
      • Principles of Floral Design
      • Horticulture
      • Advanced Floral
    • Wildlife, Fish, & Game

      • Principles of Agriculture
      • Wildlife
      • Range
      • Forestry


  • Experiential learning is what our Environmental Science students do! 

    Our Environmental Science program contains three pathways that lead to certifications:

    Horticulture: focus being plants, plant cycles,  gardens, greenhouses, and the floral business.

    Animal Science: focus being small and large animals, animal systems, workforce expectations, grooming, and in collaboration with a veterinary institution.

    Wildlife: focus being wildlife, hands-on work on area bayou, ecosystems, wilderness techniques, and  management skills. 


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