Video Audio Media Occupational Studies

  • Course Sequence by Strand

    Digital Communications

    • Principles of Arts - Audio/Video (A/V)
    • A/V Production I
    • A/V Production II
    • Practicum in A/V Production
    • Digital Audio

    Design & Multi-Media Arts

    • Principles of Arts
    • Graphic Illustration I (double-blocked*)
    • Graphic Design Illustration II
    • Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration (double-blocked*)


    *Double-blocked: requires 2 periods in schedule

  • Welcome to Chavez High School, where we offer a world of multi-faceted opportunities that bring together creativity and technology. We are excited to introduce you to our dynamic VAMOS (Video, Audio, Media Occupational Studies) program, where students gain valuable hands-on experience and prepare for the workforce of tomorrow.

    Unlock Your Creative Potential: VAMOS at Chavez High School

    In our Video-Audio-Media program, we foster creativity, innovation, and technological expertise. Our students have the opportunity to explore various aspects of multimedia production and develop skills that are highly sought after in today's digital age.

    Preparation for the Workforce: Building Career-Ready Skills

    At Chavez High School, we are committed to providing our students with real-world experiences and preparing them for the workforce. Through our VAMOS program, students acquire practical skills that are directly applicable to a wide range of careers in media production, broadcasting, filmmaking, and digital content creation.

    Certification Opportunities: ADOBE Certified Associate

    We take pride in offering industry-recognized certifications to our students. As part of our Video-Audio-Media program, students have the opportunity to obtain the ADOBE Certified Associate certification. This certification demonstrates their proficiency in using Adobe software, a valuable asset in the multimedia industry and beyond.

    Join Chavez High School's Video-Audio-Media Program and Unleash Your Creativity!

    Choosing Chavez High School means joining a community that celebrates the intersection of creativity and technology. We invite both students and parents to explore our website, attend information sessions, and connect with our dedicated staff to learn more about our Video-Audio-Media program.

    Together, let's ignite your creative spark, provide you with valuable technical skills, and set you on a path towards success in the dynamic world of multimedia.

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