• Medications at School

    Students requiring long-term medication or over the counter pain medication during school hours must have a Policies Governing Administration of Medication form completed by their physician and signed by a parent/guardian.The medication (even over the counter medication) is to be prescribed by the doctor and  brought in by the parent issued by a pharmacist before the nurse can administer any medication.

    To the Parents of Asthmatic Students:

    The law allows a student with asthma to possess and self-administer prescription asthma medicine while on school property or at school-related events provided the following guidelines are met.

    The following are the guidelines as per HISD standard practice memorandum and must be followed prior to a child possessing and carrying their inhalers at school.

    A. Proof

    The prescription asthma medicine has been prescribed for the student as indicated by the prescription label on the medicine.

    B. Administration

    The self-administration is done in compliance with prescription or written instructions from the student's physician.

    C. Parental Authorization

    A parent of the student provides the school with written authorization for the student to self-administer prescription asthma medicine.

    D. Physician

    A parent of the student provides the school with a written statement form the student's physician, signed by the physician. The physician's note should clearly indicate the following information on the 40.3740 form (obtained from the school nurse or here.)

    1. The student has asthma and is capable of self-administering the prescribed asthma medication;
    2. The name and purpose of the medicine;
    3. The prescribed dosage for the medicine;
    4. The time at which or circumstances under which the medicine may be administered;
    5. The period for which the medicine is prescribed.
    For any further questions, please contact the school nurse
    Parvin Ali, RN, at (713) 746-5217.