• Procedures for Leaving Campus due to Illness

    1. Obtain a permit from the classroom teacher.
    2. Report to the clinic.
    3. The school nurse will contact the parent(s).
    4. Receive a permit from the nurse, and show the permit to teachers.
    5. Return to clinic with permit to:
      • Wait to be picked up
      • Sign out before leaving campus

    Procedures for Leaving Campus for a Medical Appointment

    1. Bring a note concerning the appointment to the nurse by 8:00 a.m. on or before the day of the appointment. The note should include: the student's name, date and time of departure, classroom teacher at the time of dismissal, parent's phone number, and parent's signature. The nurse will call to verify the appointment with the parents.
    2. Pick up the permit from the nurse after 10:00 a.m.
    3. Show the permit to the classroom teacher and ask to leave the classroom at the appropriate time. (DO NOT wait to be called to the office by intercom). It is your responsibility to report to the clinic at the appropriate time.
    4. Sign out in the clinic before leaving campus

    NOTE: If your parents are picking you up and signing you out for an appointment, you must follow the procedures listed above. A note must be on file in order to leave.