Yearly Enrollment Information

  • Incoming 9th grade students who are currently attending a non-HISD campus must complete online enrollment registration by May 31st.  This is critical to ensure that students are properly in the system for schedule input and laptop deployment. Instructions on how to complete registration for online enrollment can be found here


    Current students will need to log on to the HISD Connect parent portal and make sure that contact information is correct and up to date.  This will include address, phone numbers, and parent emails. Second, parents must fill out the beginning of the year forms.  Once logged in, find the tab on the left side that says Forms, click on it, and there are eight different documents that you need to click on to complete. 


    These forms are very important to our funding and helping your students with services that will guide them through a successful education.  These funds will help with providing tutorial service for students, free and reduced lunches, and even scholarship offers for graduating seniors.

    If you have any problems with filling the forms out, please contact Ms. Niaves (, Ms. Perez (, or Ms. Whiting (

Enrollment Packet Forms