• Graduation


    To All juniors & Seniors,


    You may request a transcript through the registrar's office at anytime during the school year.  Please do not wait until the last minute.  You are among hundreds of students requesting transcripts at one time.

    1.  Juniors request transcripts for scholarships, NHS, NTHS, or starting early on college apps.  Please send an email to Ms. Niaves at sniaves@houstonisd.org.  Please submit at least 5 days in advance.

    2.  Seniors request for transcripts:

    a.  Please submit the request at least a week in advance.

    b.  If you applied through Common Apps/Naviance, you will request transcripts through the counselors.  Using Common Apps/Naviance is the most reliable and preferred method of applying for schools.

    c.  If you have to apply through Applied Texas, you will send the request through the registrar's office.  

    d.  If you have to mail a transcript, request through the registrar's office.  If you need a transcript mailed, you must bring Ms. Niaves an envelope with the admissions office address on the front of the envelope with a stamp.  Also, include an index card with your name on it and place it inside the envelope.  Do not seal the envelope.  You may bring it to Mrs. Niaves in Room 123.

    3.  If the college/university has a link to upload transcripts or an email, please provide that information.  Those are both very quick was to get the transcripts to the colleges.  

    4.  It is your responsibility to check to make sure the colleges receive them.  Colleges have thousands of applications to go through.  It is not surprising that some transcripts get misplaced. Frequently check your application status to ensure a successful application process.

    5.  Seniors do not wait until the last minute to apply for college.  It can be a stressful process, so be proactive on your college applications.