Schroeder, Jeffery

     Jeffery Schroeder



      Department: Math/ Director


      Room: N221


      Email: jschroe1@houstonisd.org


      Phone: 281-920-8000  ext. 036302

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    I have been teaching for 21 years.  I have a wife and a son, which are the best things in my life. They are my first passion, but my second  passion is for teaching Geometry.  I have spent 18 of my 21 years teaching Geometry.  I push my students each year and expect them to work as hard as I do.  I have  flipped my classroom for 4 years, so all my video lessons correspond to my sequence of curriculum.  My hobbies include roller skating and building with Lego.  Below are some pictures of my creations.  Maybe it is the love of Lego that helps me be a better Geometry teacher.  As you visit my site and look at my material, I would ask that if you borrow anything, please give credit to where you got it.  I leave my material on my site to help improve Geometry teachers and students everywhere.  Please feel free to send comments or questions to my email. 
    Flash cards for the formula quiz are located in the important downloads section.  A formula quiz will be given before each test, so make sure you know them.  You will have to copy the formulas 25 times if you don't make above a 80 on the first one, and the passing grade will go up after the first time.
     Mirkwood Trail Mirkwood Trail Entire display
    Classic Space Display 1  Space Vehicle 1
    Space Vehicle 2  First Lego Store Display