• Mathematics is discovering patterns and relations and expressing them symbolically. Students are provided an enriched curriculum consisting of challenging activities that enhance their mathematical backgrounds and increase their interest and motivation. Reasoning, problem solving, organizing and analyzing data, communicating solutions mathematically, and using manipulative are emphasized throughout the course. 

    Advanced Mathematics  


    Students who may be considered for beginning an advanced mathematics sequence in middle school include those who: 1) have demonstrated high interest and ability in mathematics; and/or 2) meet the entry requirements specified for G/T programs as delineated  


    Successful completion of Math 8, within Math 7 Pre-AP, is a prerequisite to enrollment in Algebra I. In Math 7 Pre-AP, the mathematics TEKS for Grade 8 are taught as a pre-algebra curriculum with the exception of three Math 8 standards that are addressed in Algebra.  Each student will be required to take a HISD readiness assessment and a Placement Matrix for Middle School Students into High School Mathematics Courses must be completed prior to the end of the 7th grade student’s school year for placement in Algebra I the following school year to determine recommendation into the course.

    The Mathematics department at Meyerland is committed to providing the necessary tools that students need to be efficient problem solvers. 

Math Faculty

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