Languages Other Than English

    Meyerland PVA offers high school credit in Spanish.  MPVAMS is an International Spanish Academy and works with the Embassy of Spain and the Instituto Cervantes to offer advanced language classes for students who have attended a dual language elementary program and for Spanish native speakers.
    The goal of the MPVAMS LOTE program is to equip students with 21st-century skills and communicative competence necessary for success in our global society. Language learning focuses on the 5 Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Proficiency levels are determined through the standards established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Language proficiency exhibits what students can do with the language in terms of real-world situations that are spontaneous and not rehearsed. Students demonstrate language proficiency using the three modes of communication: Interpretive Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Presentational Communication.
    Students in the LOTE program have the opportunity to receive one high school credit required for high school graduation. Students may take the first level of the language course in 7th grade. Upon successful completion of this course with a score of 70 or higher, students are eligible for the 8th-grade high school credit course.

    High School Credit Courses and GPA

    Grades that a student receives for taking a high school course in middle school will be recorded on the student’s high school transcript and may be included in the student’s high school grade point average (GPA) and used to calculate the class rank. However, some high schools do not include high school course grades earned in middle school when calculating a student’s grade point average (GPA). Even if those grades are not used by the high school in computing GPA, the grade earned must still be recorded on the high school transcript.
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