Health & Physical Education Policies

    ALL PE UNIFORMS MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH SCHOOL PAY! Uniforms can still be purchased at any time throughout the school year.
    Students must dress out fully EVERYDAY! Students are to wear: 
    • Meyerland PE shirt ($12)
    • Meyerland PE shorts ($12)
    • Tennis shoes 
    • Solid white shirt (no writing of any kind) 
    • Solid purple shorts 
    Both shirt and shorts should be marked with the student’s first and last name. In cold weather, students will need purple, gray, white, or black warm-ups to wear OVER their workout wear.
    5 min. dress out and report to team lines
    5 min. stretching / roll call / announcements
    10-15min. warm-up
    15-20min. aerobic activity
    15-20min. concept instruction
    15-20min. skill practice / activity
    5 min. cool down / team lines
    5 min. dress in school uniform
    Grades will be determined by dressing out, properly performing warm-up exercises, skills and drills, and showing growth in knowledge and skills assessments. 
    40% Warm-up
    30% Classwork
    30% Tests/Performance Assessments
    Health related fitness assessments will be completed throughout the school year. This will be a reflection of the student’s fitness level in the areas of cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and body fat composition.
    We offer make-up every Wednesday before school from 7:30 – 8:00am. Students can come to make-up on any Wednesday and earn points toward their grade. We meet at the Girl’s PE office to check in and then we go to the track for exercise.
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