• Meyerland PVA believes in a lab-based, hands-on approach to learning. We use Pre-AP methods for all students which is more demanding than "book work." Students learn science concepts in a laboratory setting using various kinds of scientific equipment, technology, and student collaboration. Plus, our science teachers strongly support reading, writing, and mathematics blended into the concept.


    Meyerland's science teachers emphasize independent thought. Students collect and graph science data from lab work, interpret the results, and draw conclusions. Further, students use portfolios as a reflection tool for self-evaluation and understanding.
    Our classes :
    • Study human anatomy and dissect frogs to learn about digestion
    • Study plant biology by growing plants in the classroom
    • Create compost to learn about decomposition and the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle
    • Simulate the rock cycle in chocolate
    • Create an energy city or school
    • Explore physics in real-time
    • Test carbon compounds in foods
    • Solve mysteries using a hands-on lab approach to science. 


    PAP Accelerated Science 


    The accelerated science sequence requires students to complete Pre-AP Accelerated Science 6 and Pre-AP Accelerated Science 7 to be eligible for Pre- AP Integrated Physics and Chemistry in Grade 8.  By the end of grade 6, students enrolled in Pre-AP Accelerated Science 6 must have completed all TEKS for Science 6 and half of the specified TEKS for Science 7. By the end of grade 7, students enrolled in Pre-AP Accelerated Science 7 must have completed the remaining Science 7 TEKS and all TEKS for Science 8. Accelerated science students will be administered the Science 8 STAAR.  Thus, these students will have satisfied all middle school Science TEKS requirements and will be eligible to take Pre-AP IPC in grade 8.   


    The Pre-AP Accelerated Science Sequence Identification and Placement Matrix is used to identify incoming 6th grade students recommended and qualified to take the PAP accelerated science course. 


Science Faculty

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