• College preparation checklist:
    Talk to the 11th grade counselor about course selections. Try to take Pre-AP, AP, or challenging courses if possible!
    You will be taking the PSAT again this year but this time it counts. Colleges as well as the National Merit Scholarship organization will be notified of scores. 
    Attend college campus field trips. We usually have these posted on your Naviance account as they become available. 
    Maintain a high grade point average. This is crucial! Even though your senior courses are still important, your junior year grades are pretty much the last chance you have before you begin your college applications and scholarships. 
    Join extracurricular activities and community service activities. Ask teachers to see if they know of any opportunities. Keep track of every activity that you participate in.
    Get to know your teachers. This will not only help you stay on track with your grades but these teachers will be writing your recommendation letters for scholarships, jobs, and other opportunities. 
    Start researching different colleges. Check out our College Search page! 
    Start your scholarship search. Click on the Scholarships page. 
    Look for any summer opportunities. Colleges often have future student visit days. It's good to get a feel for how college campuses are. 
    Attend career and college fair days. Chavez High School will host our next college fair on October 4th, 2016 from 6:00-8:00 pm. We will post more information as the event approaches. 
    If you plan to play on an collegiate athletic team, begin the conversation with your coach. You can also check out the National Collegiate Athletic Association website here.
    Register for the SAT and ACT if you wish to attend a four year university. Every student that qualifies for free or reduced lunch can register for both exams twice at no cost (total of four college entrance exams). 
    Take AP tests for the AP courses that you're taking. If you receive a high enough score, you will receive college credit for that course and end up saving you plenty of money!
    Consider taking a summer course or looking for a summer job. Anything to help improve your resume or academics.