• This is going to be one of the most important checklists you'll ever come by. Make sure you complete every single one of these items to ensure that you are prepared and settled for your college education next year. 
    • Finalize your essays for the ApplyTexas applications
    • Finalize your essays for the CommonApp applications
    • Meet with a college advisor
    • Make a calendar of key application and financial aid deadlines
    • Ask teachers, guidance counselors and other adults who know you for letters of recommendation for scholarships and admissions applications. 
    • List all of your accomplishments (extracurricular, community service, awards, etc.) from the past four years and create a resume. 
    • Register for the SAT and/or ACT if needed. Visit college websites to find out their minimum requirements for admissions. 
    • Attend the Chavez High School college fair to meet with admissions representatives. Make sure you are on their mailing list.
    • Apply for your colleges and universities. It's important to apply to several to open up your options, but if you apply to too many you'll just end up being overwhelmed and confused about missing items. Every college application will require the following (there may be additional items needed as well):
      • Completed college application
      • Application fee or fee waiver (fee waivers are available for students that qualify for free or reduced lunch, visit with your college adviser for more information)
      • Submit your SAT or ACT scores from the Collegeboard and ACT websites, respectively
      • High school transcript. These can be requested from the registrar's office during lunch or after school. Please allow two days before you pick them up. 
    • Take the SAT and ACT
    • Work on admissions applications
    • Begin applying for available scholarships. 
    • Follow up with the colleges and universities you have applied to in case they are missing any documents. 
    • Gather Items needed to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.(FAFSA)
    • Continue applying for scholarships.
    • Continue following up with colleges and universities about missing documents.
    • This is also the time of the year when the bulk of scholarships will be available. Perfect your scholarship essays so it will make the application process easier! 
    • Check your email and U.S. mailbox for acceptance letters
    • Register for housing, meal plans, and/or new student orientation. Orientation is required of all students, regardless of the college or university you will be attending. 
    • Receive your financial aid award letter from different institutions.  Accept or reject your awards. 
    • Check your email and U.S. mailbox for acceptance letters
    • Check your email and U.S. mailbox for acceptance letters
    • Compare the financial aid packages
    • Choose a school and send deposit by the deadline
    • Check with the financial aid office to make sure your application is complete
    • Write Thank You notes to the people who wrote you letters of recommendation, scholarship donors, and anyone else that help you along the way.
    • Celebrate your high school graduation.