Students are not allowed to participate in any UIL activities if they have any six week grade of a designated course fall below 70 or an “I” Incomplete in designated courses.

    These are the eligibility rules for all extracurricular participant after the first six weeks of the schoolyear:

    • A student who has a grade average lower than 70 in any designated courses or has an incomplete grade shall be suspended from participation in any UIL/extracurricular activity.
    • A no pass/no play suspension period is three school weeks. 19 TAC '76.1001 (b) defines a school week as beginning at 12:01 a.m. or the first instructional day of the calendar week and ending at the close of instruction on the last instructional day of the calendar week, excluding holidays.
    • A 3-week period is defined as 15 class days. In the event 2 or 3 of the 3 weeks in a 3-week. period are shortened, one of the shortened weeks may be counted as five days with ten other actual days to make the fifteen total class days.
    • The student must be passing all courses other than the identified honors/advanced classes at the end of the three-week evaluation period in order to regain eligibility. Suspended students must wait seven (7) calendar days after they meet eligibility requirements to regain eligibility.
    • Students who were eligible shall not lose eligibility until seven (7) calendar days after the end of grading period. (Example: Grading period ends of Friday at 3:30 p.m. Students shall not regain or loose their eligibility until the following Friday at 3:31 p.m.)
    • The semester average has no bearing on eligibility. Grades for the last grading period of the semester determine eligibility.
    • A student’s attendance record has no bearing on eligibility. If a student has a grade average of 70 or above in all courses, he is eligible to participate in all UIL/extracurricular activities even though he may have exceeded the district’s absence limit.
    • Students with an “Incomplete” grade are ineligible until the “I” is replaced with a passing grade. Blank grades or those other than numeric grades also result in student ineligibility.
    • Students who pass all courses for the grading period remain eligible throughout the next grading period.
    • Students who are ineligible due to no pass/no play may practice or rehearse with other students.
    Review the details of the Grading Policy in addition to the UIL Eligibility requirements.