Graduation Guidelines 2021

  • 1.       The event will begin sharply at 8:00 am.  Students will need to arrive by 7:00 am to get screened-in for COVID.  Temperature will be checked, and students will be scanned with wand.

    2.       Students will report to right of the field house in loading area door.

    3.       Students will only need to bring graduation attire only…no phones or electronic devices.

    4.       DeBakey students will line up on the basketball court.  Two schools are graduating at the same time.  DeBakey has the court, and the other school will have the upper area in the fieldhouse.

    5.       Graduation tickets will be assigned per GOFAN app.  It is an app for your phone. Student will use their student id as the promo code to get the allotted tickets and they can assign them to the family members. They have not released this information yet!

    6.       Limited parking.  When students get allotted tickets, they will also get parking passes.  Drivers need to print parking passes out and put them in the window of the car they are driving.  Must be seen by the police officers when pulling into the stadium.

    7.       Recommended social distancing practices will be observed.

    8.       No flowers, balloons, banners, signs, noise makers, food or drinks will be allowed into the venue. If water is needed for medical reasons, the HISD medical team should be notified.

    9.       Students can not decorate their caps and need to have proper business attire under their gown. Gentle men need to wear a shirt with a collar and tie and young ladies make sure if you wear a dress it is not to short.   

    10.   Masks must be worn by everyone at the graduation.  The student may take it off for the graduation picture across the stage only.  Staff will always keep their mask on.

    11.   No one may shake hands or fist bumps.  Principals will hand them a diploma cover just to take pictures with.

    12.   Guest Speaker needs to stay to 3 minutes.  Try to look at the speech prior to the graduation.

    13.   The prerecorded music will be uploaded to a drop box provided by the sound company.

    14.   The graduation will be live streamed for family that does not make it to the graduation.  It will on YouTube at the time of the graduation.  It is not recorded.  It is live.  Link will be provided, and you can go to the HISD website and click on the school’s icon.

    15.   Staff needed:  Administration, a late person that waits for the students running late, police officer, and custodial staff of at least four paid for by the school.

    16.   There will be a medical tent set up to cool people down and provide any first aid.

    17.   Guest will be able to get water from the concession stand.

    18.   Only little umbrellas are allowed.


    20.   No high heels recommended.  Very bumpy path to the field and you will be on turf/grass.  Your heals will sink into the turf.