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Carnegie Places 1st in the First Virtual UIL Tournament of the Year

Carnegie Students participated in their first UIL tournament of the 20-21 year virtually on Saturday 10/3 taking home the 1st place sweepstakes award.

The complete list of student achievements is below.



2nd David Guan

1st Alex Nguyen


Calculator Applications:

6th Shelby Yang

4th Ruofan Liu


Copy Editing:

4th Logan George

3rd Jessica Lin


Editorial Writing:

6th Varshitha Krishnan

4th Jessica Lin

3rd Logan George

2nd Alex Nguyen


Feature Writing:

4th Logan George

3rd Alex Nguyen

2nd Jessica Lin


Headline Writing:

6th Sandhya Maddali

3rd Jessica Lin

2nd Alex Nguyen

1st Logan George



6th David Guan

5th Ayushi Mohanty

3rd Lazo Attar

1st Ruofan Liu


News Writing:

3rd Jessica Lin


Number Sense:

5th Disha Bhattacharya

4th Ayushi Mohanty

3rd David Guan

1st Ruofan Liu


Ready Writing:

6th Shriya Bengre

5th Maia Vo

4th Jessica Lin

2nd Asmita Ahuja



5th Joshua Okolo

4th Disha Bhattacharya

3rd Lazo Attar

2nd Ayushi Mohanty

1st Pranav Kumar

Top Physics: Ruofan Liu

Top Chem: Disha Bhattacharya

Top Bio: Ayushi Mohanty


Spelling Vocab:

4th Varshitha Krishnan

3rd Dorinda Kyeremateng

2nd Anjni Patel