AHMS Mission
    "Strengthen the Knowledge"
    "Strengthen the Character"
    "Strengthen the Future"
    AHMS Motto
    "Excellence doesn't just happen, it’s a decision you make everyday."

    To review our most recent academic achievements, including TEA's “Distinction in Reading/English & Language Arts” and the “Distinction in Top 25 Percent Student Progress,” please review Texas Education Agency Hamilton MS Report (2013).
    Hamilton Middle School teachers and administrators deeply care that our students are undergoing one of life's most profound periods of change in psychological, physical, and social development.
    Obtaining knowledge and skills in core subjects such as Reading and English/Language Arts, Math & Science,  Social Studies, and even (fun) electives competes with students finding their identities and everything this involves, and then, just as suddenly, finding an even newer identity.
    6th graders transitioning from elementary school face significant challenges:  a different teacher for each subject, maintaining a locker, rotating schedules.  7th graders have matured in many ways and have figured out how to maneuver through middle school, yet now have new choices to make (e.g., 7-8th grade sports, Homecoming Dance!).  They are "in the middle of middle school."  8th graders have gained maturity and confidence, but are feeling the pressures of moving on to high school and attending school with students who are actual adults (seniors).
    To meet the many special challenges middle school students face, Hamilton's outstanding educational professionals bring a variety of tools and approaches to classroom instruction.  They are committed to engaging each student to master the academic skills necessary to be excellent students in high school, college, or other advanced learning, and then, as adults, to possess both knowledge and character to have a successful, meaningful, and happy life.  All the while respectful of what a wonderful yet complex time this is in their students' lives.

    Life of a Middle Schooler - (a glimpse into Middle School students' life by the award-winning program, "This American Life." )