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    Our Daily Virtual Schedule:

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     Please note: This  SAMPLE schedule below is based on at-school instruction from last year.

    7:45-9:00 P1: science and social studies with Mrs. Cantú
    9:00-9:20 P2: Reading and language arts with Mrs. Pena
    9:20-10:10  Ancillary (Our conference period is from 9:330-10:00. Please e-mail us if you'd like to meet!)

                         Mon.: P.E.
                         Tues.: Music
                         Fri.: Computer
    10:10-10:25 P2
    10:25-10:55 Lunch  
    10:55-11:20  Recess
    11:20-12:25 P2
    12:25-12:30 Bathrooms, water, switch classes
    12:30-1:25 P3: math with Ms. Ybarra*
    1:25- 1:55  Brain break
    1:55- 2:30 P3
    2:30-2:45 Homeroom with Mrs. Cantú
    2:45-3:00 snack and pack up
    3:05- dismissal

    *On Thurdays, We have library from 12:50-1:20