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    S2 House Team

    Monica Williams


    Bryce Barry

    S2 Dean of Students


    S2 Dean of Students

    Phone: 713-556-5252


    Phone: 713-556-5254

    Email: mwilli31@houstonisd.org 


    Email: bryce.barry@houstonisd.org




    Maria Zurita

    S2 Secretary

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    Email: Maria.RodriguezGarcia@houstonisd.org

    We live in a media-saturated world. From social messaging on our smart phones, to TV commercials and movies, to billboard and magazines, to the music coming through your headphones, we are surrounded by media messages for most of our waking hours. How do you make sense of them all? How do you know what they are trying to communicate? Through Media Relations! The Media Relations Academy’s mission is to provide students opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of:  communication, technology, design, presentation, research, evaluation ,story-telling, politics, business, culture and creativity and apply what they learn to the media that play a big part in their lives!
    The SouthTwo Media Relations Academy believes in ex-tending the classroom experience as far as possible, providing opportunities for students to put what they’re learning to practical, professional use. Opportunities include: 
    • Becoming a part of the Westside Broadcast crew
    • Being a part of the Yearbook or Newspaper staff
    • Hearing guest speakers from the Media Industry
    • "Chronicle Classroom" Internship at the Houston Chronicle newspaper



    Students in the South Two Media Relations Academy may choose from a variety of courses related to the field including, but not limited to:


    Analyzing Visual Media

    Broadcast Journalism

    Digital and Interactive Media


    Media Literacy


    Speech & Debate

    Video Technology

    Web Mastering