Westside’s vision to maximize student potential and be a school for the 21st century began at its inception when we embraced the concept of houses and deans.  

    Westside has 5 houses which operate like small schools, and each house is centered around a career pathway academy. Our 5 house academies, which located in separate wings of the school:


    Pathway Grouping

    Dean Team

    House Secretary

    Main Phone

    North 1

    Engineering North/Computing Sciences

    Mr. Craig Pliskin/Ms. Toni Tinker/Ms. Sarah Anthony

    Ms. Henry


    South 2

    Engineering South/Digital Media & Design

    Ms. Monica Williams/Mr. Bryce Barry

    Ms. Rodriguez


    North 2

    Health Science North

    Ms. Ann Mayfield/Mr. Gabriel Cabral/Ms. Cheryl Williams

    Mr. Thomspson


    East 2

    Health Science East/Humanities

    Ms. Stephanie Matlock/Ms. Edith Gonzalez

    Ms. Brochu


    East 1


    Ms. Erika Williams/Ms. Heather Eller

    Ms. Hopes


    When registering at Westside, students select a house based on their career interest, and each year students take selected courses based on their academy's career pathway. Because students generally stay with the same house during their high school career, each house is comprised of approximately 600 students from all grade levels. This system is designed to provide unique enrichment opportunities, including special academic programs, electives, summer internships, guest speakers, field trips, clubs, and organizations. While the prospect of selecting a house based on area of interest may seem daunting to some students, the concept opens possibilities, rather than closes doors. Advanced placement, dual credit, and the vast majority of classes are open to all students and most opportunities are not limited to the students within a house.

    Two to three deans are located within each house, and they fulfill the role of both assistant principal and counselor. As a result, deans are able to build relationships and have greater insight into each student’s high school experience. The house system provides endless benefits, as each dean oversees less than 60 students per grade level. For example, deans are able to create personal college recommendation letters, pay close attention to a student's four-year plan, and identify opportunities that match an individual student.