Phone: 713-942-1430


Degrees and Certifications:

M.L.A in Communication of Journalism Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication

Sophia Baltz 张老师

Sophia Baltz 张老师 teaches Mandarin Chinese at the Houston Academy for International Studies Early College High School. She teaches all levels from beginner Chinese I for High School credit to Advanced Placement Chinese. Her approach to language acquisition and foreign language learning has built a strong AP Chinese program, with many students traveling to China as a capstone experience. She is the recipient of campus the Teacher of Year award in both 2014-2015 and 2016-2017. In 2018, she was awarded the Outstanding Asian American Teacher of the Year in HISD and in 2019, she was named the International Teacher of the Year award from the World Affairs Council. She embraces the modern world we live in and loves to incorporate technology into her curriculum and daily teaching. Her students experience flipped classroom lessons, project-based learning, and digital collaboration tools that enhance effective communication.

HER FAVORITE THINGS TO DO IS TRAVELING, TRAVELING.... She took students to China, Japan, Scottland, Ireland, Greece.... ready to go more places.


"Youth is a time of struggle. But no matter what difficulties you encounter, if you carry through with faith, you can use everything to your advantage, and your hardships will become your greatest assets in life" ~Daisaku Ikeda


Class syllabus:

Chinese 1411

Chinese 1412

Chinese 1 (non-DC)

AP Chinese


Asynchronous Learning