• Recommendation Letter Policy

    Posted by Robert F Houghton on 9/4/2020 10:40:00 PM

    1. Send me an email asking me to write you a letter. If the deadline is less than two weeks away I will not be able to write it. These letters take a lot concentration to write, and there are a lot of students, so I need a little time.


    2. If I say yes, tell me the date you need the letter by, and send me a Brag Sheet. This can take whatever form you like. There are templates online, and Naviance even has one on their website. But if you just want to type it out with no template that's fine. Just be sure to describe such things as your accomplishments (in or out of school), interests, extracurriculars, hardships you might have faced in your life, or anything else that you think is notable about you, and which I may not have had the opportunity to see in class.


    3. If you ask me to fill out a Questbridge application, then you will need to ask another teacher for a college rec letter. That application is a long and detailed process as well, and writing a letter and filling out a Questbridge application for one student is too much for me. So choose which one you want me to do, because I will only do one.

    Thank You!


     Brag Sheet Template

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