• If you need a letter of recommendation from me, or you need me to fill out an online form as part of your application, here is what I need from you:

    • I need a minimum of one week's notice to fill out an online form and two weeks for anything that involves writing an actual recommendation.  More time is preferable; if you can ask a month in advance, you'll get a better letter.  But two weeks is the absolute minimum for anything that requires actual writing.
    • Please request the recommendation from me via email first, and then follow up in person within three days. 
    • Please do not put my name or email down as your recommender until you have heard a "yes" from me either in person or via email.
    • Please give me a copy of your student resume and a list of your current classes; if you have filled out the counselors' brag sheet, a copy of that would also be nice.
    • If the recommendation is submitted through Naviance, please enter me as your recommender there as soon in your application process as possible.
    • If the recommendation is submitted through some system other than Naviance, please include that information in your initial email, and let me know if I am supposed to get an email from your college or scholarship with a link.
    • If I need to physically mail the recommendation, you need to give me a stamped, pre-addressed envelope.
    • I do not give students physical copies of recommendation letters; if you need to submit a physical letter as part of a scholarship application packet, find out from the scholarship how they want me to submit it and let me know in advance when it needs to be sent/mailed.


    If there are special circumstances (for example, if they request that the letter and envelope both be on school letterhead, or they have a specific paper form that needs to be filled out and faxed), please let me know in the initial request.

    I will begin accepting requests for the 2023-24 school year starting September 1.